Agriscot 2017

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'AgriScot, now widely regarded as one of the premier events in UK agriculture, continues to develop its appeal to all sectors of the industry…both to the trade and to a wide cross section of farmers eager to seek out the products, services, advice and information necessary for their farming businesses.' -

The Barrettine stand is 169 in the Lowland Hall. 

Barrettine Topics:

1. Early indications are rodent populations have prospered over the summer and so expect high numbers moving into farms now. We will be ready to discuss the latest developments in rodent control both products and changes in legislation.

2. Grain harvest has once again been protracted and difficult which makes drying and cooling to the optimum levels harder. This means there is an increased risk of hotspots occurring in stored grain which in turn increase the risk of damage by insect pests. We will be on hand to discuss how best to protect stored grain against insect pests. 


November 15th, 2017
09:00 - 17:30


The Royal Highland Centre,
EH28 8NB

Attending From The Team: David Shelton - Grain & Agriculture Specialist



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