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Romax Venom Lipo Gel - Venables Pest Control

Rats in stables were coming up along a hollow water pipe housing where they were harbouring. Removed horses before application and will be until problem solved and removed baits.

All bait was consumed in 24 hours, found dead in water troughs 3 days later. All removed and reapplied romax.

None seen in last 3 days, 5 days after applying. Fantastic results.

Romax Venom Lipogel - Aberkil

I had a mouse job in a large loft and had Venom in 4 mouse boxes. When I followed up they'd eaten every last trace -They licked their plates clean! If I get similar results with rats I will be very impressed.

Romax Venom Pasta - Porters Pest Control

Up until now I had no feedback to give on the new Venom range from Barrettine. Visit 2 today in SW12 area & I found this... Very good take!!

Porters Pest Control Pasta Bait Take




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