Barrettine Wasp Training Course

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Barrettine Wasp Training Course

A pest-specific one-day module for those looking to have greater competency in the control and management of wasps nests covering appearance, biology & behaviour, reasons for control, signs of an infestation, bees and hornets (European and invasive Yellow - Footed)

A one day course, first session based on theory/classroom work and practical control during the afternoon session. Tutor led presentation and student discussions regarding attitude towards legislation, safety factors – including risk/COSHH (RISK/COSHH) assessments, life cycles, biology, non-target species, other related species, pesticide formulations and safe application, means of access, protective equipment – including P/RPE (PPE/RPE), third parties, report writing, maintenance and record keeping. 


4th July 2017
08:30 - 13:00


The Players Gold Course
BS37 6RZ

Attended From The Team:

Charles Phillips: Director

Charles Phillips




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