Romax Muskil Blocks - Product Testimonial

Date: 22nd May 2017
Categories: Product Testimonials

ROMAX Muskil Blocks

#1: AIM Environmental Services: Jason Waldron

Muskil Blocks Take

Rapid bait takes for Barrettine's Romax Muskil Blocks with its FLUO-NP (Fluorescent no phobia technology) as demonstrated by Midlands based AIM Environmental Services.

Romax Muskil Bait blocks were used against mice in an internal bait box. Jason Waldron said " Another success with Romax Muskil Blocks, great product with fantastic results. Romax Muskil bait blocks are defiantly the best blocks AIM Environmental have used, backed up with a great service from Barrettine - it's a great combination"

#2: A12 Pest Control: Paul Sutton

'Having some good success with this product right now on controlling rat populations. One of the benefits us it makes the droppings glow under UV light. It's certain that this rodent has been taking the bait.'

Muskil Blocks Droppings

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