Ornaway - Product Testimonial

Date: 22nd May 2017
Categories: Product Testimonials


We were called to premises just off of Marylebone High Street in central London, this was an architect's premise. They called upon us to help implement pigeon proofing and deterrents. The adjoining premises recently had some works carried out which meant pigeons moved onto their property.

The client was paying out over £1000 per quarter for another company to come on to pressure wash their entrance paving due to pigeon fouling.  I presented the client with multiple solutions to prevent pigeons returning, one of these was the use of Ornaway Optical Bird Gel. The client happily accepted the quote, works were taken out and completed in 1/2 a day with a two man team.

There has been no returns of pigeons, this saving the client their quarterly cleaning. Overall 2 ½ tubes of Ornaway optical bird gel was used in this successful treatment.

Still to this day no pigeons have been spotted.

By: Tailored Pest Control

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