Pest 'Best Product Award 2017'

Voting for the Pest 'Best Product Awards 2017' are now open until the 10th November.

We have three excellent products nominated this year, all new in 2017 and launched under the Romax® Venom® Brand

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Venom Lipogel Best Pest Awards Nomination

The Romax Venom Lipogel combines brodifacoum within an increased water activity formulation offering rapid efficacy as well as the convenience and capacity of rapid baiting. The availability of Brodifacoum in this format gives rapid absorption into soft tissues. 

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Venom Wheat Best Pest Awards NominationThe Romax Venom active ingredient is infused within the core of the seed giving a product and active that when consumed is particularly potent to rodents. Approved for use ‘in and around buildings’ for rats and mice.


Venom Pasta Best Pest Awards Nomination

The Romax Venom formulation of brodifacoum made with Italian pasta is presented in sachets that can be attached or skewered within the bait box. Approved for use ‘in and around buildings’ for rats and mice.


Romax Venom Testimonials

Rats in stables were coming up along a hollow water pipe housing where they were harbouring. Removed horses before application and will be until problem solved and removed baits. All bait was consumed in 24 hours, found dead in water troughs 3 days later. All removed and reapplied romax. None seen in last 3 days, 5 days after applying. Fantastic results.

Romax Venom Lipo Gel - Venables Pest Control

I had a mouse job in a large loft and had Venom in 4 mouse boxes. When I followed up they'd eaten every last trace -They licked their plates clean! If I get similar results with rats I will be very impressed.

Romax Venom Lipogel - Aberkil

Up until now I had no feedback to give on the new Venom range from Barrettine. Visit 2 today in SW12 area & I found this... Very good take!!  

Romax Venom Pasta - Porters Pest Control


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