Ficam W Due to be withdrawn from the UK Market

Date: 2nd January 2020
Categories: Industry News

Ficam W Due to being withdrawn from the UK Market 

The official last day of purchase from distribution and the use-by period has been announced: Under article 89 (4) the phase out period for use of existing stocks is 365 days. The phase out period for Ficam W should therefore be 180 days for making available and 365 days for use of existing stocks, starting from 11th December 2019. 

  • Revocation issued: 11th December 2019
  • 180 days for making the product available: 08/06/2020
  • 365 days for use up: 10/12/2020 (Last permissible date to use the product)

The news that Ficam W (Sachets and Jars) is to be withdrawn from the market is due to regulatory reasons. Ficam D will still remain on the market.

We have limited stocks of Ficam W available and advise all customers to pre-order stocks that are needed to cover this phase out period into the 2020 season.

We would also like to highlight the latest Bayer technology captured in K-Othrine Partix, a new product suited to protecting absorbent surfaces with slow-release knockdown effect. The K-Othrine product is available and in stock from Barrettine Environmental Health.


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