New Wasp Species Discovered

Date: 8th March 2017
Categories: Research

New Wasp Species Discovered

A New Wasp Species has been discovered! In fact this some of the new species exerts such variance in it’s behaviors and appearance researchers thought they were dealing with 2 separate species.  

A total of 15 new members have been added with 5 new species names being added to the Genus (corys, cranos, cudo,galeata and hjalmr )

 Many of the newly discovered species hail from the neotropical regions of North America, South America and Central America. Only a few Milimetres long these creatures make it fairly difficult for research to be carried out use to the rarity of sightings. 

These particular Wasps have a unique method of gestation by use of a flexible needle that it utilises by injecting it’s eggs inside of its unfortunate host. When the host has completed its job of housing the birthing process the wasp breaks it’s way to freedom from the inside out killing the accommodating  insect."

Dr. Norman F Johnson

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