CRRU Stewardship Regime

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CRRU Stewardship RegimeThe Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide use (CRRU) initiative was created to address the industry concerns surrounding the responsible use of rodenticides and the need to ensure that rodenticides are used correctly and in ways that will minimise the exposure to wildlife.

Barrettine Environmental Health is a member of CRRU and places great importance on the correct use of rodent baits to ensure the end users get a successful result, whilst ensuring non-target species are not in any harm from the rodenticide use.

 Since April 2016, the first products with stewardship label conditions will start to come on to the market and end users wishing to buy and use these products will need to follow the Rodenticide Stewardship rules. Professional pest controllers, farmers and gamekeepers purchasing stewardship label products will require proof of competence at the point of sale.  This can be a certificate from an approved training course on rodent control or, until December 2017 for farmers, up to date proof of a farm assurance scheme approved by CRRU. To find out the latest CRRU approved certification and farm assurance schemes please visit the Think Wildlife website.




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