Romax STD Bait Box

  • Romax® STD Bait Box

Romax STD Bait Box


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Product description:

The Romax® Standard bait box is a high quality, tough, injection moulded bait box. Romax® STD is exactly the same as the Romax® Secure apart from the absence of the internal safety mechanism or pop up indicator in the lid. Where you can get a good solid fixing to a wall or the floor, it would not be necessary to use the Romax® Secure. By using the Romax® STD, you will still benefit from all of the other excellent features plus the same unique locking mechanism is used, so you can use the same key for both boxes.

As well as loose grain & block rodenticides, Romax® STD can be used with physical control methods such as Snap traps etc. Own branding available, contact the office for further information.

Size: 1 x 12 Boxes



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