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K-Obiol EC25


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Product description:

Contains 2.5 % (w/w) deltamethrin synergised with piperonyl butoxide. This pyrethroid grain protectant is an ideal alternative to organo-phosphorus formulations and can be used to treat the fabric of the building pre-harvest, as well as an add-mix to the grain.

Unlike other products, there is no withholding period governing use of the grain. K-Obiol is accepted by NABIM and BRI. (Application in empty grain stores requires PA1 and PA6 certificate, application to grain requires PA1 and PA9 certificate).

K-Obiol® EC25 is a liquid grain protectant for the fabric of building and admixtures for the
control of stored product pest including: 

Crawling insects -

  1. Grain weevils (Sitophilus granarius)
  2. Flour beetles (Tribolium castaneum)
  3. Grain borers (Rhyzopertha dominica)
  4. Sawtoothed grain beetles (Oryzaephilus surinamensis)
  5. Bean weevils (Acanthoscelides obtectus)

Flying insects -

  1. Warehouse moths (Euphestia cautella)
  2. Rice moths (Corcyra cephalonica)
  3. Indian meal moths (Plodia interpunctella)
  4. Grain moths (Sitotroga cerealella).

Standard outer 12.

Size: 1 x 1 Litre.


MSDS PDF DownloadK-Obiol EC25 MSDS (70 KB)

 K-Obiol Label (987 KB) 

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