Vulcan P5 DP

  • Vulcan P5 DP

Vulcan P5 DP


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Product description:

A fast-acting, broad-spectrum, multi-purpose insecticidal dust. Contains: 0.5% w/w of the synthetic pyrethroid permethrin (27:75 cis : trans) formulated as ready-to-use dustable powder. 

A ready to use product, for use in domestic, commercial and industrial premises. Vulcan P5DP provides rapid knock-down and kills crawling insects.

For the control of: fleas, lice, mites, ticks, cockroaches, earwigs, beetles and their larvae, moths and their larvae, bedbugs, ants, woodlice, silverfish, and for the treatment of wasps by treating in and around nests. 

Size: 1 x 4 Kg


MSDS PDF DownloadVulcan P5 DP SDS (216 KB)

Label PDF DownloadVulcan P5 DP Label (953 KB)



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