Romax Rodent Feed

  • Romax® Rodent Feed

Romax Rodent Feed


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Product description:

Contains a highly effective synthetic peanut butter formulation in a convenient 55 ml syringe container to load both live traps and lethal traps. This paste formulation allows easy application and effective grab onto the trigger plate of the trap to enhance catch rate. Ideal for use in food premises as this product does not contain nuts. To be used by professionals who have gel style syringe gun applicators.

Size: Each

Paul Sutton: A12 Pest Control

'Just want to say I have been having fantastic results with the Romax Rodent feed trap bait with both mice and rats. Easy to apply and above all it works. Customers also love seeing a bait gun come out and the "special" paste being applied adding even more value to the job.'



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