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Date: 7th December 2023
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Manufacturing great innovation with cutting-edge technology lead the way for our new business projection.


The Barrettine Group, a UK-based manufacturer with a strong history in the Environmental Health sector, is embarking on a slight change of direction. This exciting strategic decision is designed so that the Environmental Health division focuses more attention on Barrettine manufactured and branded products. Unlike some “brand machine businesses”, Barrettine has far greater control over the products we manufacture and bring to market. Our focus will be on bringing great innovations and cutting-edge technology to the Environmental Health sector. 

Upcoming product releases for the UK market include innovative products like Crop/Grain Store Protection, as well as advanced solutions for Cockroach and Ant control. These additions will complement the innovative insecticide-free formulation Flymax ULV, which was introduced earlier this year. The Barrettine range of new exciting products are available directly from Barrettine or from your preferred Distributor. This positions the company as one of a few genuine UK manufacturing Businesses, offering novel and technologically advanced solutions that cater for the unique needs in the Pest Control and Agricultural sectors.


Flymax ULV: Flymax® ULV provides rapid insect knockdown against flies, moths and crawling insects. Flymax® ULV is a cellulose formulation combined within a water-solvent based delivery system. An ideal flying and crawling insect adulticide against insecticide resistant insect strains having the added benefit of being insecticide-free with no residual activity and no maximum treatment frequency. Flymax® ULV is for professional use in lofts, homes, agricultural buildings in and around domestic properties, public and municipal areas, refuse tips, poultry houses, slaughterhouses and manure heaps.

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CropProtect: CropProtect® 25EC is designed to be applied to the interior of grain storage facilities to eliminate any pests remaining from previous issues or applied directly to the grain post-harvesting to ensure long-lasting defence against infestation. This concentrated product is capable of treating 50m2 with just 20-30 ml (diluted in 5 litres of water) and providing you with long-lasting protection. CropProtect® 25EC may also be applied directly to grain as an admixture.

Thanks to its synergised formulation of deltamethrin and piperonyl butoxide, CropProtect® 25EC can eliminate and deter common grain pests such as grain weevils, saw-toothed grain beetles, flour beetles and grain borers. Additionally, flying pests such as warehouse and grain moths are effectively controlled.

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Knockout Max Disinfectant: Knockout Max Disinfectant is a new generation formula that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including Covid 19, whilst being kind to you. Its all-purpose, ready-to-use formulation requires no dilution and contains no colours or perfumes to taint surfaces. Knock Out® Max Strength Disinfectant performs beyond the required standards.



MoBe Roach Gel Bait: MoBe Roach Gel is effective against all life stages of both German and Oriental Cockroaches and suitable to be applied directly to their harborage areas, minimizing risk of exposure to non-target species and humans. Effective control is achieved through exploiting the natural habits of the cockroach, allowing the active to transfer between individuals inhabiting the same area – even if they do not directly ingest the bait.

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MoBe Ant Gel Bait: MoBe Ant gel is an effective method of controlling both native and tropical species of ants both indoors and around buildings. The gel bait is composed of highly desirable sugars designed to exploit the social behaviour of the insects and eradicate the nest. MoBe Ant gel is effective against all life stages and colony members, most importantly the queen. The gel can be applied directly along foraging trails or in a feeding station to encourage uptake.

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