Did you know that one Christmas tree can have up to 25,000 bugs ?

Date: 6th December 2018
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there could be up to 25,000 bugs in one christmaS Tree

If you choose to go with a live tree for Christmas instead of a fake one, think of the potential pests you could be bringing into your home along with it. Pine and fir trees, grown purposely for use as Christmas trees, are vulnerable to a wide variety of pests, weeds and diseases.There could be up to 25,000 bugs in one Christmas tree.

Common pests that can be found in your Christmas tree:

  • Aphids. The warmer temperatures in your home can often cause their eggs to hatch, but they will typically die in a few days.
  • Bark beetles. Bark beetles get their name from the fact that they mostly bore into the tree trunk. 
  • Praying mantids. If left there, the eggs will hatch and the tiny mantids will swarm around the tree looking for food. 
  • Sawfly cocoons that hatch black and yellow flies.
  • Mites. Mites will remain on the tree, preying on insect eggs; they can cause premature needle drop and leave red spots on carpet.
  • Spiders. Spiders are another very likely insect, they are on the tree looking for smaller insects for food.  


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