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Safe use of Pesticides

For working in the pest control, horticulture and amenity industries it is essential to have pesticide training. Barrettine Environmental Health courses provide thorough training in the safe use and operation of application equipment.

An essential course for all those involved in the storage, handling and application of pesticides. It’s a requirement that students should be able to speak and read English (to understand product labels & complete assessments).

This is a legally required qualification by the Control of Pesticide Regulations for anyone applying pesticides on a commercial basis. It is divided into 13 units.

Unit PA1 is the foundation unit covering legislation through the approved code of practice.

Units PA2 -13 are the practical units, specific to the type of applicator being used such as knapsack sprayer, boom sprayer, seed treatment, etc.

It is a legal requirement that any person wishing to apply pesticides to land or property not owned or occupied by them or their immediate employee or anyone who is required to supervise a person who does not hold a certificate but is required to use pesticides MUST HAVE A CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCE.


Course Aims:

  • Learn the legal requirements of using pesticides correctly and safely
  • Understand personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements
  • Learn and apply procedures for storing, handling and mixing pesticides
  • Learn procedures for disposal of contaminated waste and surplus pesticides
  • How to keep on top of Maintenance requirements of application equipment
  • Learn best practice to ensure operator health and safety
  • Understand Procedures to minimise environmental contamination and pollution
  • How to Select and wear correct PPE
  • How to Calibrate equipment correctly
  • Understand how to Interpret product information
  • How to calculate and mix correct quantity of pesticide
  • How to apply correct amount of pesticide safely
  • How to Assess prevailing weather conditions
  • How to Undertake operational adjustments as required
  • To Understand best practice to dispose of surplus diluted pesticides correctly and safely
  • How to clean out and store pesticides application equipment correctly and safely
  • How to take action as appropriate to deal with contaminated PPE

Benefits of Qualification:

  • Satisfies the legal requirements of the Control of Pesticide Regulations
  • Enables the holder to apply pesticides safely
  • Minimises the risk of environmental pollution
  • Meets Farm Assurance Scheme criteria
  • Promotes a professional image
  • Contributes CPD points towards NRoSO membership.

Course Format:

The assessment is in two parts and candidates must successfully complete the PA1 Foundation module before they can take the second part.

  • PA1– this module is assessed by computer based multiple choice questions.
  • PA2 -13 are specific to the type of applicator being used (i.e. knapsack sprayer, boom sprayer, seed treatment etc). The assessment requires a practical demonstration of the candidate’s competence for the application module being taken.
  • Underpinning knowledge and understanding will be assessed orally.
  • Candidates need PA1 plus at least one application module to be awarded a certificate of competence.
  • Candidates may provide his/her own equipment. Any equipment provided by the candidate must comply with legal regulations.


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Call For Pricing


Dates & Locations:

Please contact us for group sessions to organise course dates and locations.

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Please be aware that due to tight regulatory requirements, the assessment certification and results can take up to 6 weeks to process dependent on the examining body. Please factor this into account when booking your course.