Rodent Control for UK Stewardship

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Rodent Control For UK StewardshipAll professional pest controllers as of October 2016 wanting to use professional rodenticides will require an approved UK stewardship course (certification).

This pest-specific module for those looking to have greater competency and fall in line with the latest UK stewardship management of rodents will need to take this course and exam.

The impact on food and feedstuffs that rodents consume and spoil is often misunderstood and certainly under-estimated. As a result, rodents must be controlled on economic, health/safety and social grounds.

Whilst every effort can be made to exclude rodents from buildings; their intelligence, persistence, gnawing capacity and small size mean that incursion is inevitable. Action must be taken to control, reduce and where practicable eliminate rodent populations and minimise the associated risk posed.

Changes around product application (label) are being implemented and ‘traditional usage’ attitudes need to be adapted into developing best practice considerations. Especially considering the continual and persistent use of anti-coagulant baits (often as monitors); impact on wildlife; monitoring and evidence of pest and non-target and assurance due diligence.

This course will also focus on the specific needs, risks and control options that are required when dealing with rats and mice. It has been designed and constructed to fulfil the syllabus and looks to include industry best practice, label use requirements, UK CRRU code and a focus on Second Generation Anticoagulants Rodenticides (SGARs) continued use.


Course Aims

  • To understand why Rodents present a significant risk to human health; animal health and welfare; food hygiene; structural integrity and general safety.
  • To interpret Rodent Biology; Behaviour and Signs of Activity.
  • To Develop Monitoring and rodent management strategies.
  • The diseases and parasites that both rats and mice harbour are transmissible to humans, companion animals and farm livestock.
  • How to work through rodent control options by utilising a Control risk hierarchy to ensure best practice is consistently being adhered to.
  • How to incorporate an Integrated Rodent Strategy. 
  • How to keep to Standard Industry Procedures of Safe storage, transport and managing waste/disposal record Keeping and Due Diligence.

Course Format

Classroom and practical training. 


The course finishes with an examination at the end of the days training either from Lantra or RSPH. 


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Dates & Locations

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Please be aware that due to tight regulatory requirements, the assessment certification and results can take up to 6 weeks to process dependent on the examining body. Please factor this into account when booking your course.