Waste Scheme

At Barrettine Environmental Health we understand our business activity and any potential impact this may have on the environment.

We are proud to hold The Environmental Management ISO14001 certification and as a responsible business see that a products life from cradle to grave is an essential part of environmental protection and management. As such we are pleased to provide a waste scheme for our customers helping them to demonstrate their own duty of care with regards to waste disposal by offering a fully compliant waste scheme. 

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Barrettine has provided a waste take back scheme for over 20 years but due to recent regulatory waste classification changes, working directly with the Environment Agency we have updated our scheme accordingly. As customers of Barrettine Environmental health and as part of your Duty of care, your responsibility for the waste you create does not transfer just because you have passed it on to another organisation to dispose of it. It is your responsibility to ensure the service provider you employ has the correct authorization in place to manage your waste.

Barrettine is a registered hazardous waste producer (registration number NTN447) and our environmental permit number is EPR/CB3001UB. The waste regulations, classification and legislation can be complex and difficult to follow. The following information primarily refers to our disposal scheme but the further advice in terms of managing your own hierarchy of waste can be obtained from your local Environment Agency office, the Environment Agency website: www.gov.uk/dispose-hazardous-waste or the BPCA Pesticide Waste Code of Practice (Version 1.0 August 2014). Alternatively, contact us by phone or email and we will do all we can to help. Our waste scheme has been put together as a disposal route for waste derived from Pest control activity such as rodenticides, insecticides and packaging as described in this document and is not for disposal of other day to day waste such as household waste or office waste.

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