Pigeon 'Stock' Bird Nets 50mm

  • Black Pigeon 'Stock' Bird Nets 50mm
  • Fire Rated Pigeon 'Stock' Bird Nets 50mm
  • Stone Pigeon 'Stock' Bird Nets 50mm
  • Translucent Pigeon 'Stock' Bird Nets 50mm

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Pigeon 'Stock' Bird Nets 50mm


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Product description:

50mm stock nets available in various sizes for protection against Pigeons. You can choose from a variety of colours (black, stone and translucent) and no-flame to suit most situations. All Network Bird Nets have the corners marked with ties and the longest side identified with a label for ease of installation.

Black net is most commonly used and blends well into most situations; on lighter coloured buildings stone colour net may be appropriate; on white buildings or for proofing areas where the sky is the backdrop, the translucent net may be preferred.

Please allow 48 hours for cut to size nets.

*(Check terms for Black 25 x 5 m, Stone 20 x 15 m, Translucent 5 x 5 m & 10 x 10 m & No-Flame all sizes)



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