Romax Secure Bait Box

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Romax Secure Bait Box


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Product description:

Romax® secure has been ultimately designed to help reduce the amount of bait spillage, which could put at risk non-target animals or children. The idea is simple in that when the box is placed at its on site position, a vertically opening door to the bait compartment is held open so that the target species can go in and out quite freely to take the bait.

If the box is then ever lifted/tipped up by non target animals or children from its position, a spring-loaded mechanism kicks in and the door to the baiting compartment slams shut, therefore reducing the risk that a significant amount of bait could spill out.

ROMAX® BAIT BOX LOCK MECHANISM: Both the Romax® Secure & Romax® Standard come with the same unique three point locking mechanism. The key enters in at either side of the lid as opposed to the top, to help prevent the lock getting jammed with debris. One quarter turn releases all three locking points.

Size: 1 x 12 Boxes