Knockout® Professional Toilet & Drain Unblocker

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Knockout® Professional Toilet & Drain Unblocker


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Product description:

Knock Out Professional Toilet & Drain Unblocker (Sulfuric Acid 90-97% with inhibitor). For use only in toilets and outdoor drains. Specially designed to rapidly clear blockages in outside drains, pipes and toilets only. (Industrial strength for trade and professional use, wear protective clothing). 

Not recommended for use with septic tanks. 

Must only be sold to Trade & Professional users or members of the public who hold an EPP license. Furthermore, our advice is do not sell any Corrosive products (Acid or Alkaline) to persons under the age of 18.

SULPHURIC ACID BASED PRODUCTS - Important Product Stewardship Information: CLICK HERE

For more information on the sale of Corrosive products & substances: CLICK HERE


4 x 1 Litre



Knockout Toilet & Drains SDS (46KB)



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