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Zappbug Room*


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Product description:

The Zappbug Room is much larger than the Zappbug Oven and has dimensions of 2.82 m (width) x 1.98 m (height) x 1.46 m (depth) so the Zappbug Room can fit mattresses, sofas, bed frames and furniture in it. Volume: 8.2 m3

Cost to heat the Zapp Bug room per Hour? Four heaters at 1500 W each = 6 KW. The average 2013 UK cost of electricity was £0.17 per KWh, therefore (£0.17 *6 KW) is about £1 per Hour. The cost to heat the smaller unit (Zapp Bug oven) is £0.25 per Hour.

Size: Each

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