Wood Protective Treatment

  • Wood Protective Treatment

Wood Protective Treatment


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Product description:

  • UV Fade Resistant Colour Pigments
  • Deep Penetrating Oil/Solvent Low Odour Formula
  • Harmless To Beneficial Insects & Plants When Dry

For rough sawn or smooth timber. Contains film biocide Preserver to prevent surface growth of Mould/Algae.

Ideal wood treatment for outdoor timber structures such as Sheds, Fences, Trellis, Pergola and timber Gazeboes. Provides excellent water repellency/beading. Oil / Solvent based for deeper penetration leaving a transparent/translucent finish colour effect to wood, where the grain texture is still visible.

Contains water repellent resins and film biocide preserver to prevent surface growth of mould/algae and together this helps reduce decay, swelling, twisting of wood. Pigments have good UV fade resistance and will help protect wood from UV damage. Available in a range of colours and clear, see colour swatch below. (Not ideal for decking or garden furniture structures as rub resistance may not be sufficient).

 Size: 1 x 5 Litre

MSDS PDF DownloadWood Protective Treatment MSDS (62 KB)

PDF DownloadWood Protective Treatment Label (2 MB)

For use on most external pretreated timbers; (refer to tin/container). 

  • Contains film biocide preserver to prevent surface growth of mould /algae. 
  • Suitable for rough, sawn or smooth timber, but not suitable for garden furniture unless over sealed. 
  • Harmless to plants and pets when dry. 
  • Oil/solvent based for deeper penetration. 
  • Low odour ready to use formulation. 
  • Superb quality water repellent resins. 
  • UV fade resistant colour pigments. 
  • High level, long lasting protection. 
  • For unpreserved / untreated timber. We recommend using Barrettine Universal Preserver first as a primer. 

  • Ensure wood to be treated is dry, free from dirt and repellent coatings such as paint or varnish.  (remove and sand down as required). 
  • Recommend using a biocidal wash such as Barrettine Knockout Mould and Mildew prior to treatment. 
  • Apply by brush, dip, roller or solvent compatible low pressure sprayer only (not high pressure & ensure weather conditions are dry and still). 
  • Coverage: 1 litre to 6 sq metres. 
  • Drying times: 24-48 hours under normal conditions. 
  • Best results – recommend 2-3 applications/coats. 
  • Clean equipment with Barrettine White Spirit. 
  • Always read the label before use. 



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