Flymax® Super G3

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Flymax® Super G3


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Product description:

Flymax® Super G3 is a novel polymer formulation combined in a water-based delivery system that gives rapid knockdown of flies, ants, fleas, bed bugs and small insects. 

Due to its physical mode of action, Flymax® Super G3 is effective against insect strains that are resistant to organo-phosphate and pyrethroid insecticides.

Flymax® Super G3 may be applied in domestic, commercial, public and institutional premises, including kitchens and food preparation/ manufacturing areas, in hospitals (including corridors and occupied wards), on-board ships and in shipping containers, in animal livestock houses, on refuse tips as well as in the home or garden.

Use in Public Health / Refuse Tips: Effective in controlling most types of common flying & crawling insects, including flies, ants, fleas, mosquitoes, moths and bed bugs etc.

Use in Agricultural Situations: Effective in controlling stored product insects including grain pests, litter beetle, flying insects such as: house fly, cluster fly, mosquitoes, etc. (can be applied as surface spray while livestock is present but avoid direct contact with livestock/animals).

Size: 1 x 5 Litre

MSDS PDF DownloadFlymax® Super G3 MSDS (41 KB)

Label PDF DownloadFlymax® Super G3 Label (463 KB)



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