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Product description:

MiteMax® is highly effective against poultry red mite (Dermanyssus gallinae) and flour mite (Acarus siro). MiteMax® is a patent pending formulation that has been optimised to penetrate the dusty layers typically found within hen houses and grain stores to spread deep into the cracks and crevices that harbour mites.

MiteMax® contains an advanced food grade cellulose polymer that acts on contact with the mite. Mitemax® functions as a sticky trap rendering mites irreversibly immobile providing rapid knockdown. MiteMax® has a physical mode of action by trapping and the death/ killing effect is the consequence of this, which means it both falls outside the scope of the biocide directive (exempted from EU Reg. 528/2013) and also is effective against mites resistant to chemical insecticides.

Size: 6 x 500 ml

Mitemax RTU 500ml SDS (35KB)



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