Romax Cube

  • Romax Cube Day & Night
  • Romax Waterproof Encasement for Day & Night Cube
  • Romax Cube Standard
  • Romax Waterproof Encasement for Standard Cube
  • Romax Bluetooth Sensor - Round
  • Romax Bluetooth Sensor - Hook
  • Romax Cube Carry Case
  • Romax Cube Carry Case

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Romax Cube


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Product description:

The Romax Cube is the battery or mains powered instantly deployable computer. It is a multi-functional and sensor-rich device that communicates with your smartphone.

It uses a cross network SIM and the 2G cellular network, which means it works in the most remote locations.

The Romax Cube includes:

  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • Shock Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • GPS tracking
  • Camera
  • Bluetooth (connects with Romax Bluetooth Sensors)

Trap Monitoring: One Romax Cube can monitor up to 10 traps within a 50 metres clear line of sight. 

Example: Place a cube in a loft with 4 cage traps. Attach one 'Romax Bluetooth Sensor' to each trap. As soon as the trap is activated and the Bluetooth Sensor moves, an alert and picture is sent to your phone typically within 90 seconds.

If you simply want to know what pests are moving around in a loft or basement, the PIR Motion Sensor will pick up any movement and send you a pictured alert.

Route Efficiency: The Romax Cube will tell you when a pest has been caught and what the pest is. In commercial applications, this will save many hours travelling to check traps and prove whether pests are present.

Real time alerting of activated traps and photographic evidence of pests optimises a technician's route and job planning which lowers costs.

GPS: The alert from the Romax Cube, including the trap's GPS location, can be forwarded to colleagues who might be better placed to attend.

Customer Audit Trails:  The Romax trap alerts can be used to provide audit trails of what traps were deployed, what pests were caught, when and where.


What are they?
The Romax Bluetooth Sensors (Round & Hook) are add-ons to The Romax Cube. One Cube can monitor up to 10 Bluetooth Sensors in 50 metres clear line of sight.

How do they work?
If you attach a sensor to a trap and it goes off, the Bluetooth Sensor will move and begin to transmit. The Cube will scan in specified intervals to check for sensor transmissions. If movement is detected, The Cube will take a photo of the trap and send it to your phone, typically within 90 seconds.

The more traps and Bluetooth Sensors you have attached to The Cube, the slower the alert is sent to your phone. This is because The Cube is checking more sensors.

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